Trivia from here and there

Cochin- Gosri Bridge is witnessing fishing by many youngster in the night hours. If the catch is good the enthusiastic people stay on till morning. Catch is reportedly good. One person said the view is awesome and fresh air is inviting me here everyday…

Cochin- Maharajas College –  Issue is Autonomy status for the college. Students are protesting against this move. Classes are not being held. Entry into the college campus is not possible.

Recently some students did “shayana pradikshanam” on the road stretch from the western entrance of the gate to Kannayanur Taluk office to attract attention to their cause.

Yesterday, Principal (acting) Dr. Elsamma was shown working from the footpath on the main road.( near the western entrance) Sound byte said ” I feel this is more safe than the hostel room”.

Slowly number lock will be passe. emojis will rule.


Mumbai is costliest city in India, and is ranked 74th in the world ranking of most expensive cities


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