Performance Review- Bane or Boon – Revisited with weblinks from todays TOI

What more cheer on a Monday morning (which is tense for all reasons- more so today- terror In focus – Gurudaspur, Punjab western border) than to see your school mates name in Print.

MP Sriram, an alumnus of prestigious B school XLRI, Jameshdpur, India did his schooling in Bhavans Elmakkara, Kochi, Kerala, India.He has been vocal about  the trend of appraisal which is vogue – annual appraisal  being done to fit into “bell curve” on an earlier occasion.

Now in the light of the announcement, made by Accenture – the days TOI has an article (see link below) about how the consultancies are transitioning.

Among the many theories of Organizational communication is ” UNCERTAINITY REDUCTION THEORY”.

One of the basic assumptions of this theory is Communication is primary vehicle to reduce uncertainity. When there is communication- the unceratinity is minimized. This reduction in uncertainity plays a role in reducing the sense of insecurity which can grip a person (especially in the month leading to the annual appraisal).

What matters most is to hear “Job well done, big hand to…” in a small project handover meeting. The appreciation is communicated. Sense of achievement ( cut back to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs)

or take the other extreme..

“We have reviewed the entire sequence, you did your best but in the interest of the project and future business with the same client, we have decided to….” This comment within a day or two from your project manager or your superior in the hierarchy really would dispel doubts.

Today, with improved networking infrastructure available – Virtual organizations have emerged. These organizations have no structured line of communication as in past- top down or peer to peer.

Feedback and communication – if instanteous can really help.

The year end review of how an employee performed is being done away.

4 top-notch firms have already done it and now Accenture announces that – this review system is not serving the purpose


Link(from web)

We are in a dynamic state of affairs, when industry watches and monitors by the minute and the market reacts in seconds, so it is but natural to do away with this yearly review.

Yesterday Q1 results of Infosys, saw the share price rise by close to Rs.110 (not the market closing price)

When other indices get monitored monthly or quarterly, feel this one critical review for a professional should happen for every quarter if not monthly.

HR gurus will have their opinion.

Opinion is welcome but it is performance which delivers.


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