Metro Kochi

Metro Kochi.

Kochi – among the cleanest cities.


Weekend Bytes – Week ending 11th July 2015

Madhya Pradesh- Vyapam is proving to be Vyabam.

“Skeletons came tumbling after” seems to be the line in chorus.

Matter now in the hands of CBI.

FTII – standoff is now 29 days old.

Chairperson appointed Gajendra Chauhan – says he won’t quit. It is for the government to decide.

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor too joined many other stars, saying it would be better for him (Shri. Gajendra) to step down in the light of all these incidents.


Week began with rest of the world and more of Europe focussed on the referendum at Greece.

As weekends Greece has come up with Euro 55.3 Billion bailout plan


Sport lover could not ask for more…

It was happening across the world-

At Harare- a breath taking finish to first one day international between India & ZImbawe, India won by 4 runs . India go one up.

At Cardiff- Ashes 3rd day of action, 15 wickets fell in todays action.

High voltage semi-final clash at Wimbledon, Federer displaying sublime tennis outclassed Andy Murray in straight sets. Earlier Djokovic won his semi against Gasquet in straight sets.

In SA- Bangladesh were outclassed in the first ODI. SA won comfortably against Bangladesh in the opening one day.

Baahubali- said to be costliest Indian film made, released across 4000 cinema halls worldwide is reportedly a visual treat.

Piracy looms large- Tamil movie–Papanasam- Pirated CDs have started to surface.

Meeting with author of “Varasyar: The Temple Servant”

Ms Shruti Amrita, an engineering degree, working with M/s Wipro, author of the book “Varasyar: The temple Servant”, great reviews in leading dailies vernacular & English.

Today Author interacted with public at Just Books, Panampilly Nagar, Kochi.

The book is available at the online book store- and ebook available on Barnes & below)

Review in Deccan Chronicle – May 15th, 2015


Link for write up in UK Malayalee

Vernacular paper Chandrika carried review of the book recently.

you can see more at the Facebook page- varasyar by shruti amrita


A section of women reporters have declared “open support” for their national football team at Copa America.

Eight women TV supporters have stripped naked to support their teams effort in Copa America 2015.

The women reporters have asked other fans to follow suit and express their “open support”.

Though minnows this open support seems to have helped, they have started with a upset win over colombia.

(youtube videos have been uploaded too).

Biz Buzz

Some bytes and links to buzz talk from corporate Houses.

CSR should be from heart and not limited to 2%… says Shri Ratan Tata

  • Cairn and Vedaanta to merge. One to one share announced.
  • Pundits says its a fair valuation.
  • Vedanta PLC to reduce the stake in Indian arm

An Incident at Railway station – Changanassery, Kerala, India, Asia

This happened on – the very day Honourable PM of India stated  – Nothing more important than Human Life….(in the event of an Indian farmer hanging himself to death from a tree).

While travelling from Trivandrum at Changanancherry,(18 kms before Kottayam- when one travels northwards from Trivandrum by train) this happened- one aged couple along with their grandchildren in their teens boarded a train on platform in the sequence- granddad, grandson , grandmother, by the time it was the granddaughters turn to board, train had picked up speed and she hesitated. Then set in a bizarre reverse process, granddad jumped out, grandson jumped out safe landing. Grand mom jumped out, disaster struck- the train had reached a point where the flight of stairs to the foot over bridge to platform two begins. She jumped and hit the pillar which supports the flight of stairs.
She had to be wheeled away & is reportedly in hospital.

In the moment before deciding to jump – she must have balanced the pros and cons and also would have asked the question is my life valuable….
The saddest part is that they had boarded Trivandrum bound train, when their destination was Palghat.
This made the train halt at the said station for more time than allotted. I had never seen this city, though umpteen train journeys past this station.
I got down and went to coffee shop, asked auto driver to take me to famous St. Berchman’s College. Saw it from outside.
The reason is the college basketball team used to consistently perform well at the All Kerala Basketball tournaments from late 80’s and early nineties. College team members have gone ahead and played for state.

Famous incidents linked to April 26th….

Disasters apart,

Two famous Hollywood stars have their Birthday today,

Famous Birth

Al Pacino      Ms. Renee Zellweger

Famous Death(s) has to follow...

John Wilkes Booth (1865)- Assassin of Abraham Lincoln

Srinivasa Ramanujam (1920)

Shankar (1987)- of famous music director(s) combo- Shankar Jaikishen

Lucille Ball (1989) – I Love Lucy (comedy series in TV)

George Jones (2013)- country musician.


1915-Allies attack Gallipoli- WW1- said to be the beginning of struggle which lead to modern day Turkey. (after the collapse of Ottoman Empire) Anzac day observed on April 25th of every year in Australia and New Zealand was originally in commemoration  of the soldiers who fought in this attack and lost their lives.(8700 Australian and 2700 New Zealand Soldiers). Its been 100years since that day…

In 1933- Gestapo was formed. Herman Goering, second only to Adolf Hitler is attributed for the formation of this secret state police.


Fresh reports of 3 earthquakes at 3AM, 5AM, & 6 AM (Indian standard Time) was being aired as clocks chimed 7 times this morning.

Look at the date– 26th- 2 and 6 adds up to 8- Saturn is said to be associated with this number.An unique number, because 8 when rotated is symbol of infinity. Started google search, results are grave-

April 26th…. across the years has had disasters…

1986- Chernobyl nuclear disaster. (though not official 4000 deaths have been attributed to this disaster. 31 deaths during the rescue and cleanup work)

1989- Deadly Tornado in Bangladesh (1300 approx dead)

1994- China Airlines flight from Taipei to Nagoya, Japan crashed (271 dead).

2009- US issues warning for Swine flu.