Aim is write about books which have impressed the world at large. Its but natural that books old and new will find their mention here. Shall be using more of views of other people who reviewed the book (told in my own words). The fact that their comments get reflected here is not an endorsement of that view/comment about the work.

Am interested in wide variety of topics,among them have a special liking towards history of India, India under British Raj, Indian struggle for Independence . For people who have similar likes, this book is highly recommended “Freedom at Midnight” by Larry Collins and Dominique La Pierre. The amount of research done by the two authors, the quantum of publications they have pored through is awesome and the end result is a page turner.

Yes, History can not be presented in a faster clip. Must be read for the vast amount of detailing into the last days of the Raj, how the division (India/Pakistan) was drawn.


 Here I am adding few famous works (from Lists available on the web) of authors which have been critically acclaimed and many others which have been considered evergreen/classics. This is not in any order of importance/  or following the rule of having won Booker or won Nobel for literature etc. Most of the works have not been read by me. This is to generate interest about these works amid the followers of this blog spot.

1) One hundred years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

(“One of the best works in last fifty years” says Salman Rushdie about this book).

2) The Eagle Has Landed by Jack Higgins.

This novel catapulted Jack Higgins to fame. Jack Higgins started his career (published work) in the year 1959 and this book was a 1975 publication. Set in the back- drop of World War two, this has lot of real time characters involved in the plot. Till the publication of this work, author had written using his original name (Harry Patterson) and used other pseudonyms too. Jack Higgins is also a pseudonym. This was made into a movie starring Donald Sutherland(in 1976).

Jack Higgins wrote a sequel to this work – The Eagle Has Flown.(year 1991)

Now 85 years of age, he continues to bring out at least one book every year.

3) A TIME TO KILL  by John Grisham


Though this was the first book written by John Grisham, it was only after success of  his other novels The Pelican Brief and The Client that this work got its due fanfare.

A major film starring Ms. Sandra Bullock, Samuel L Jackson, Matthew McConaughey, Donald Sutherland, Kiefer Sutherland..

Both book and film are highly rated.Film has a rating above 7 on a scale of 10 by IMDb.

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

There are teachers

There are institutions

There are students who get moulded by teachers.

There is a friend of my mine who is graduated from one of the best IITs in the country.

Once he said “I learned more at Bhavans than at IIT”.

Shell-shocked, could not ask him to elaborate.

He has gone on to become the much sought after “Avatars”- Students who can boast of IIT- IIM combo.

Shall quiz him as to whether the above statement still holds true.

Of course, with a difference

“I learned more at Bhavans than at IIM”

The edifice of the institution where one studies is brick and mortar.

The teachers who teach are human. They toil for the betterment of the students. Their faces remain unseen, their names unheard of.

Value addition which one gets from people who have been gifted with the inane sense of teaching is priceless.

To forget these rudiments is close to criminal offence.

Take this moment to thank all the teachers who taught valuable lessons to this student, and who takes pride to say

“I learned more at Bhavans than at IIT”

This book is a life lesson.

As any work of art is subject to criticism, this too has its well wishers and those who do not wish well.

Perspectives differ.

Values have changed.

For an old timer, this is one book which is to be read and re read.

Guruh Devoh,

Guruh Brahma

Guruh Vishnu



There was a list of books by a leading magazine in India at the beginning of this year. The cover said these books could change your lives.
It may or may not change your lives, also there are others lists that a Google search would result in “Books to be read …”
At least ten or more would be common to most of the lists. But there would be individual works which many would wonder why does this book get a mention in this list.
There is also many lists – list of movies to be seen. List of hundred best Bollywood films etc- some of the titles in those lists would baffle many. Also there would be works which did deserve to be mentioned in the list but have not been mentioned. That would also raise a few eyebrows. Here is a case to that effect.

The Capital in the twenty first by Thomas Piketty.

Thomas Piketty is an eminent professor in the field of Economics; this work was originally in French and within a year of its publication has been translated into English (in early 2014)
As the magazine which published the list says – this work would be the least read among the other titles mentioned in the magazine.
Everyone should understand a bit of economics – simple equations using algebra. But one glance at the content would assure you this is beyond the common reader.
Already the book is being hailed as a classic commentary on the much discussed economic divide which is prevalent in this world. Author has done research into the system from the time _of the French revolution which is 200 years old. There is a lot of criticism this book has faced.Capital-in-the-Twenty-First-Century-jpg
Accumulation of wealth by few and the poor getting poorer.
Try at your risk.
Price is Rs 780/- plus.(depends on online purchase or bookstore purchase)


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