Disaster can occur at any time.

(From web- origin of DISASTER

Middle French & Old Italian; Middle French desastre, from Old Italian disastro, from dis- (from Latin) + astro star, from Latin astrum — more at astral

First Known Use: 1568)


It has proved time and again.

In the recent past-

We had twin tower strikes




Nepal Earthquake

Heavy rains disrupting public life-almost a flood like situation. Situation did occur in early November at Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India, Asia)and again for last two days.

What can be done after disaster strikes is the recovery…

Twin tower strikes led to loss of human life- no recovery possible.

Loss of the towers- can be rebuilt.

But what pinched most- the loss of data, most of the big corporate, asset management firms, stock brokers- faced a situation- they had to get back to real time business.

Recovery can happen, if we have a set methodical approach and rehearsed that approach.

Similar to a false fire alarm and the mock evacuation drill done.


Recent situation at Chennai- many areas got disconnected- water logging- Communication was not easy- power was not available- transmission lines were cut.

First would be office infra, then personal survival, then medication and then communication.

How safe is the data- do we back up regularly.

Which cloud space is best? Decide on back up policy.

Line of communication- who shall report what and to whom (official matters)

Of course even with all early warning systems available, weather can suddenly turn rough- unpredictable

How much stock of

  • Essential medicines- number of people on insulin- can we stock that?
  • Number of people having regular medication for hypertension- minimum stock.
  • What about minimal food which one can have to survive- a rush shopping may not be possible- rice, wheat dough, coffee powder, tea bags.
  • Energy/Vitamin supplements.


  • Above all most essential is a source of pure drinking water- what is the minimum quantity one should stock.
  • The duration for which the situation will continue can’t be predicted- so what would be a ball park figure to estimate the litres of drinking water per employee and then the simple multiplication across number of employees.
  • What can be fuel source to cook- if electric power fails and office pantry is powerless (pun intended)?
  • Extra batteries kept charged for communication.
  • May be walkie talkie- preferably tested- look at amateur radio too.

Herein there is no dearth to additions to this list- say someone may feel, common cold, fever are also essential.

Now map a situation- where it occurs during a weekend and essentially all are at home.

Water level is rising- do all the residents know as to which is the highest point (of minimal safety)in the vicinity.

Is there a group which can play its role as DRM team.

If not, can we form a team?

Many of the above points hold good here too.

It is only through some creative brain storming that we can draw up a plan.

Google can through up results which will be genuine and applicable to Indian situation. But that again is the result of some ones grey cells having been taxed to the limits.

Here in – let us don our creative hats and do a brain storming session…

Let us be creative. Don your creative hats-

  1. Hat for worst disaster that could occur and what all would be problems that may arise.
  2. Hat for list of essentials- some pointers for recovery

Happy brainstorming so that we are not ill prepared at the time of an “EVENT”


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