Fresh reports of 3 earthquakes at 3AM, 5AM, & 6 AM (Indian standard Time) was being aired as clocks chimed 7 times this morning.

Look at the date– 26th- 2 and 6 adds up to 8- Saturn is said to be associated with this number.An unique number, because 8 when rotated is symbol of infinity. Started google search, results are grave-

April 26th…. across the years has had disasters…

1986- Chernobyl nuclear disaster. (though not official 4000 deaths have been attributed to this disaster. 31 deaths during the rescue and cleanup work)

1989- Deadly Tornado in Bangladesh (1300 approx dead)

1994- China Airlines flight from Taipei to Nagoya, Japan crashed (271 dead).

2009- US issues warning for Swine flu.


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