BOMs—–Books O Maniacs

This is for book lovers— short notes on new releases, reviews by authors known.

Richard Websters book on Good luck has many suggestions, few of these could break your established beliefs.

He says – cats are lucky, pigs bring in more money (he goes on to say that shape of piggy banks helps to protect the money), diamonds bring in luck and help in financial dealings- hence  sported by business people. Interesting set of suggestions.


Ashwin Sanghi says its possible to attract good luck though some are more luckier.

His latest- his first non- fiction titled “13 steps to Bloody Good Luck”. Listing out few of the important things most lucky people seem to do, he says- Lucky People grow and strengthen their network.
Find it amusing that he uses number 13, which is considered unlucky by many.

Wishing luck for all in the year 2015.



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