Countdown on the last SUNDAY of 2014

Seconds tick by, minutes are lost and finally hours roll over.

This is the last SUNDAY for this year 2014.

Less than 17 hours and last Sunday of 2014 would have rolled over.

For some it was a lucky year for others it wasn’t to be right up there.

The famous social network Facebook , started a app enabling one to recreate his past year- “YEAR IN REVIEW” and now they are apologizing. Officially they have apologized to one person.

The app has glitches in that – it uniformly says -“Year was great” and picks up a photo on its own. It does not let the user eliminate photos.

In the said case, the person had lost his six year old daughter to brain cancer in 2014.

The app picked up her photo and shows it and caption reads”Here’s what your year looked like”.

Surely A CODE gone wrong.




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