Where is the focus of our attention – I or U

Friends across many continents, few back at places where worked and many on the social network.

Does quality time gets distributed or do we become more “I” centric.

Recently a colleague of mine was browsing his scribbling pad, suddenly a line caught my attention— Color or Colour – which is the right spelling?

Asked him who wrote this.

He replied his daughter who studies in fourth grade.

I recounted a similar query by a Naval officer’s daughter.(she studies in fifth grade)

To which Naval officer replied in double quick time, for people who are “U” centered, Colour is the correct spelling.

Dedicated to all those inquisitive young minds in whom we see the future of mankind. Let them remain at all times U centered and less “I” centered and still lesser time be “X” centered.


Let them strive to be “V” centered. It is the collective effort which shall lead us forward.

People sitting in chairs which have responsibilities, should realise or realize that they are facilitators and it is the power of the chair they occupy which empowers them to facilitate.

Gone the chair , gone will be their empowerment.


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